Walkabout 2019-2020

Also known as “the Fall of Dan”

  1. Travel Plans + FAQ – what am I doing?
  2. Alaska – whetting my appetite
  3. Packing – getting the cat into the bag
  4. Yakedake – the view from the top of the Japanese Alps
  5. Getting to Kamikochi – planes, trains and automobiles
  6. Matsumoto – the little mountain town that could
  7. Welcome to Korea – in which I do not get scammed by a monk
  8. A Korean Trump Rally – where I met my Korean uncle Choonmyun
  9. 한글 – Hangul, the Korean alphabet
  10. Getting lost in Bukhansan National Park – another mountain, surprise surprise
  11. Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City
  12. The Vietnam War – or as they call it, the American War
  13. Da Lat – flowers, waterfalls and weasel coffee
  14. The Routine – what is my day to day like?
  15. Hoi An and Hue – the cities of central Vietnam
  16. Hai Van Pass – in which I get addicted to motorbikes
  17. Go North, Young Man – see what’d I tell you?
  18. Buying Insurance on Mobile: a Rant – not strictly about traveling, but connected
  19. Caving in Phong Nha – and two more days on the road
  20. Ninh Bình and Halloween – spoopy!
  21. Hanoi, Sapa and Liz – hello dear sister
  22. Cat Ba Island – way better than Ha Long Bay
  23. So Long Vietnam – we hardly knew ye