About Me


Hello! My name is Dan Roberts, and I am a computer science educator and full-stack software engineer in the Pacific Northwest.

I am currently looking for work! I seek a full-time position as a senior software engineer starting in September
2020. The specific flavor of engineering (front-end, back-end, devops, etc) is less
important than finding a team I like, a product I’m proud of and a mission I
believe in. I prefer to work in Seattle, but am open to relocation or remote work. You can find my resume here [pdf].

My most recent position is as an instructor at Ada Developers Academy, a non-profit, tuition-free coding school for women and gender diverse adults. I have worn a variety of hats at Ada, including a year each as Lead Instructor and Interim Director of Education. More recently I’ve stepped back from management to pilot a couple of new courses, including a pre-application workshop for under-represented minority candidates and an advanced data structures course for alums. I started with Ada in September 2016, and it was an absolutely fantastic job! Teaching is an amazing challenge that pushes me to flex in new ways every day, and the Ada team is fantastically diverse, collaborative and supportive. You can read more about why I left here, but the short version is a pandemic and recession make this a bad time to be working on experimental projects.

Before Ada I worked at EMC/Isilon (now Dell), a company that builds “Scale-Out Network-Attached Storage” – think an external hard drive so big you need a shed to store it in. I worked on their network protocol stack, focusing on the NFS protocol, instrumentation and tooling, and configuration management. During my last two years at Isilon I also volunteered at Nathan Hale High School, teaching one period of AP computer science through Microsoft’s TEALS program.

I was born and raised in Seattle and a love for the natural beauty of the PNW is embedded deep in my bones. I try to spend as much of my free time as I can outdoors, hiking in the summer, snowboarding in the winter and bicycling all year round. I also love to travel and cook, and have been known to play a mean bass trombone.