About Me

headshot-croppedHello! My name is Dan Roberts, and I am a software engineer and computer science educator in the Pacific Northwest.

I am the lead instructor at Ada Developers Academy, an non-profit software bootcamp in Seattle with the mission of closing the gender gap in tech. I’ve been with Ada since September 2016, and I love it! Teaching is an amazing challenge that pushes me to flex in new ways every day, and the Ada team is fantastically diverse, collaborative and supportive.

Before Ada I worked at EMC/Isilon (now Dell), a company that builds “Scale-Out Network-Attached Storage” – think an external hard drive so big you need a shed to store it in. I worked on their network protocol stack, focusing on the NFS protocol, instrumentation and tooling, and configuration management. During my last two years at Isilon I also volunteered at Nathan Hale High School, teaching one period of AP computer science through Microsoft’s TEALS program.

I was born and raised in Seattle and a love for the natural beauty of the PNW is embedded deep in my bones. I try to spend as much of my free time as I can outdoors, hiking in the summer, snowboarding in the winter and bicycling all year round. I also love to travel and cook, and have been known to play a mean bass trombone.